Erador 101: The Eradorian Multiverse

Erador 101: The Eradorian Multiverse

Erador sits at the conjunction of multiple dimensions: all identical, all dangerous, and all ruled by immortals with their own agendas. Humans aren’t the pinnacle of the food-chain here. There are other, more powerful races who hold that distinction: but we’ll get to that later. The purpose of this lesson is to introduce you to the Multiverse and how it works.

Eradorian scientists have long believed in a manifold multiverse, combining numerous universes, each with three different dimensions. Proof hasn’t been forthcoming until now, but we finally have it, and thanks to some specific people (who have asked that their names not be mentioned) we also have a good idea how it works.

Everyone remembers the lesson from primary-school about Orphic currents. We’ve always known they existed (after the Gods started teaching us about them) but we never knew how they worked; now we do.

Dimensions come in sets of three: the positive, the negative, and the neutral. There are countless universes contained within the bucket we call the multiverse, and each one operates by this tri-dimensional law. Energy (Orphic, mostly) passes from the negative and positive dimensions into the neutral, where it’s recycled and sent back in a usable form. The energy is transferred between the dimensions through the void: a nether region: its only purpose (as far as we know) is as a conduit.

This polarity of dimensions explains why the immortal races prefer a specific charge when it comes to choosing their home, except for the Draggons, who seem to be slightly different from the others. But we’ll get into that in the next lesson…

Hartley Carolus – Senior Researcher – Erador Prime Science Academy