Erador 101: The Griffins

Erador 101: The Griffins

The Griffins are old; some believe as old as the Draggons, who are the youngest immortal race. But the Nazmari swear they didn’t create them, which raises the question—who did? In any case, Griffins are not immortal, they live normal lives, but their lifespans are many times that of humans. The Griffin, your great-grandfather rode into battle, could one day be yours. Griffins are not considered possessions, like a horse or a pet might be, but members of the family.

Griffins are fickle, and they only respond to the Na’Geena’s commands. Nu’reen seems to think the symbiotic relationship between the Griffins and Na’Geena, serves some purpose that even the Nazmari don’t understand, and that’s saying a lot. Maybe someday we’ll know.

In the meantime, there are only three things you need to know, to understand Griffins: their claws are one of three things that can pierce Draggonhide, and they will fight to the death to protect the Na’Geena warriors that ride them. Lastly, if a Griffin is subjected to flame of any kind, they revert to the primordial form of a Feenix, and they become very difficult to manage, even for the Na’Geena.

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