Sa’riya is on trial, possibly for her life. The immortal’s Elder Council believes she’s responsible for her sister’s death – well, some of them do. She has to make them understand what happened. But she has friends who will help her. Friends that can save her. Friends that love her – and they’re not about to let her die. Not without a fight…

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What if magic really was a force like gravity or magnetism? What if it only exists in certain dimensions? And what if people fleeing the imminent destruction of Earth accidentally found this world, but had their memories erased to further a villain’s craving for ultimate power? The Prophet is a story of greed and desire, of heroes and heroines, and powerful beings bent on becoming gods; but it’s also a story of redemption and a young woman’s search for who she really is. What she finds along the way is an epic adventure of good versus evil.

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Book Two of “The Prophet” series, “Draggons”

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