Sa’riya is on trial, possibly for her life. The immortal’s Elder Council believes she’s responsible for her sister’s death – well, some of them do. She has to make them understand what happened. But she has friends who will help her. Friends that can save her. Friends that love her – and they’re not about to let her die. Not without a fight…

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In a strange multiverse ruled by magic and immortals, the last remaining souls, fleeing the destruction of Earth, struggle to survive. The Draggons want them dead. The gods want more power. But the humans want to live, and there’s only one sorceress who can make that happen. The fate of humanity is in her hands – so, no pressure…

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The false god, Zaril, died in a blazing bolt of light, victim to the wrath of an Adeptus Supreme. Now, it’s Kat’s turn for some payback. All she can see through the red tinge of hate that fills her eyes is the face of her lover’s killer. The fact that he’s also her father barely weighs on her mind. He chose his side, and now he’ll pay for his decision.

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